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organiser: ROPID (Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport) founder: Prague partner: Middle Czech
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published: 6.2.2010 10:13      recent change: 15.7.2013

We introduce ROPID

Logo RopidROPID, Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport, started its activity on December 1, 1993. ROPID was established by a resolution of the 33rd meeting of the Authority of the City of Prague as a contributory organisation of the City of Prague. The intention of the City to react to the ongoing social and economic changes and build up a modern integrated system of public transport of persons in the City of Prague and its environment reached its zenith by its establishment. The objective of this system is to offer an attractive and respectable public transport of persons for all groups of inhabitants and visitors of the City and thus create an alternative to the increasing intensity of motorcar traffic.

ROPID, a specialised organisation, responsible for the operation of Prague Integrated Transport, was encharged by creation and development of the system of Prague Integrated Transport. Its task is organisational and checking. It is responsible for its work towards bodies of the municipality and state authorities, that encharged it by organisation of the transport.


Basic tasks of ROPID organisation represent:

  • Preparation of further development of the regional integrated system and its creation
  • Elaboration of principles of the organisation of public transport of persons, determination of the necessary volume of transport services to ensure transport servicing of the territory for individual transporters and transport subsystems and their discussion with municipalities, district authorities and trasporters
  • Proposal of economic arrangement of PIT operation while effectively using available financial means
  • Proposal of tariff and fare within the system of Prague Integrated Transport
  • Elaboration of a regional project of the organisation of public transport of persons
  • Making agreements with the relevant municipalities, district authorities and transporters in order to ensure the operation of PIT by representing the City of Prague and control of their fulfilment
  • Organisation of the financial flow of earnings and appropriations within the Prague Integrated Transport system
  • Selection of transporters for newly established routes in the form of public tenders
  • Arrangement of a unified PIT information system

When creating the PIT system the organisation ROPID continued in the preceding development, for which the following issues were decisive:

  • Decreasing share of performace in the area of public transport of persons during an increasing share of individual motorcar traffic
  • Transformation of Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (Prague Transit Co.) into a joint stock company in the ownership of the City
  • Introduction of City Traffic to the municipalities Orech and Hovorcovice arranged by Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (Prague Transit Co.) in cooperation with CSAD (Regional bus providers) on the basis of an agreement with the relevant municipalities and the districts Prague-East and Prague-West
  • Signature of the "Principles of cooperation between the City of Prague and Czechoslovak Railways", were it was supposed among other things, that the cooperation of city traffic transporters with Czechoslovak Railways would be renewed and that personal transport of Czechoslovak Railways would be effectively used within the public city traffic system and consequently an agreement on cooperation between the City of Prague and Czechoslovak Railways enabling the start of the railway's integration would be made
  • Dissatisfaction of municipalities in the border areas of Prague with the level of public transport and interest in the solution of its problems by inclusion into the system of Prague City Traffic
  • Introduction of new bus lines of DP Praha, a.s. (Prague Transit Co.) to municipalities behind the borders of the city
  • Rise of private bus transporters striving for presence on the transport market in Prague and its surroundings


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